We are

Established, 25 years back, Tandi is a garment manufacturing company, which focuses on hi-valued quality led garments. Our strength is to keep abreast with latest fabrics and machinery. Premium Quality garments, modern infrastructure and innovation are some of the words that describe us.

We are committed towards perfection in each aspect of the garment manufacturing. The sophisticated infrastructural facilities and advanced machinery with the right attitude have enabled us to offer superior quality and economically priced garments for premium brands catering to different countries worldwide.

Our customers are our best teachers and central to all operational processes. We have the flexibility to produce a broad range of products. With our sophisticated design and sampling capabilities, we act as an extended design partner for our clients.

Our Vision

We are aimed to provide superior value products with the highest quality with timely delivery thereby creating enduring long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Ethics

At TANDI, we believe in leadership through excellence. We strive to achieve excellence through a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. As an organization, we believe in consistent growth. We are committed to investing in the business with initiatives directed at long-term sustainability.

Our Values

  • Customer focus in all operational areas.
  • Offer products of best available quality for premium market segments through Zero Defect implementation in all functional areas.
  • Global Quality orientation since our production is meant only for exports.
  • Integrated diversification and product range expansion.
  • Respect for Human Values.
  • Encourage innovation for constant improvements to achieve excellence in all functional areas.
  • Accept change as a way of life.
  • Appreciate our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Social Values

  • Our production is environment-friendly.
  • We provide a friendly and safe working environment.
  • We do not employ child and forced labor nor support any discriminatory business practices.
  • We believe in no discrimination of caste, religion or gender.
  • We deliver product and service of up compromising quality and integrity consistent with our brand and our image.
  • Through principled leadership, we embrace diversity, and we cultivate strength, pride, and passion for aligning our personal lives with our profession lives.


After working in the textile industry for 20 years, Mr. Lokesh Jain established SJ Designs in 1996 & Tandi in 2001 (which consolidated in 2015 under Tandi). With over 40 years of experience in the textile industry and international trading, TANDI’s success was laid on strong foundations of intense experience, delivering superior quality products lead by a well experienced and dedicated team.

Our Team

TANDI People are the pillars of its success. Their commitment, dedication, and passion drive the organization to great heights. Our teams are a combination of youthful enthusiasm & treasured perfectionists focused at understanding trends, market requirement, forecasting fashion and therefore customer satisfaction.

Our team of employees goes all out to understand and try and exceed buyer’s requirements on the product. Our intensively trained experts in various departments are always striving to deliver quality garments.

Our commitment to consistent quality, customer service, and reliable delivery, right from management circles to the worker level, has seen our products being looked upon as an industry benchmark.