We are involved in creating products that are in agreement with the requirements of our clients. Every season we create 50 designs peculiar to the mood boards suggested by the buyers. We create prototypes based on customers tech packs.

2. Fabric Sourcing Experts

Constant monitoring and touch with ground realities are the cornerstones of our sourcing process. TANDI has dedicated sourcing teams that source yarn to buying fabric based on buyer’s requirement.

Fabrics are both inspiring and innovative. Each season, fabric designers and mills create new color palettes, weaves, and textures, fiber blends leading fashion direction for the coming season. We have a dedicated team dealing in novelty yarn and fabrics. We source our yarn from around the world giving us an edge of manufacturing garments from any fiber–plan or human-made.

We work on eco-friendly and natural raw materials and have extended our area of work to recycled polyester. Currently, we are working on natural qualities like cotton, viscose, modal, poly blends, etc.. We are also working on blends with linen, lyocell, Miyabi, cupro, bamboo. We are also introducing new innovative fibers like Coolmax and Thermolite. We deal in qualities ranging from the 50s to 6 count yarn where GSM ranges from 90 GSM to 600 GSM.

With our extensive researched fabrics, we can guide our clients in choosing the right fabrics for their product to achieve the desired finished product and price point.


In-house lab for testing various fabric parameters like shrinkage, spirality, wet and dry rub, color fastness to washing, etc. helps us control problems at an early stage. Testing is done for 100% of trims, fabric and on the final garment. We also do testing for all-metal trims at the sourcing stage externally.


Our extensive providers in the world and in-house technical teams are instrumental in helping us stay a step ahead of the market at all times. We are proactive in the adoption of the latest techniques and latest Machinery. We purchase a new set of machinery and discard the old every year to keep the workforce adhered to the latest technology and for the quality product.


We are always aware of our end wholesale/retail prices when choosing new fabrics each season. Creating a fit between fabric, silhouette, and embellishment at a price point, enables in creating a growing and successful business. When we find fabric that works and sells well for our product, use this as a staple of each season to create consistency. Manufacturing of yarns at various domestic and international fabric Mills resources that help our clients achieve this goal.


As a corporate citizen and a business entity that is evolving through continual improvement in ethical business, employee welfare and adherence to local and international laws has been yearly verified by the third party.

The certification is broadly accepted in the Europe & the US as a sign of a corporate body that has certain moral business practice. It not only ensures better work environment, grievance handling mechanism, equal pay, mechanism to check, particular disciplinary procedure and address sexual harassment and healthy employee-management relationship at the premises of manufacturing that is certified but also takes care of the supply chain, and ensure that beginning from raw material supplier, accessory supplier to shipment of final product, humane business is exercised. This is ensured in the form of Supplier Compliance.

We are CTPAT and socially compliant by Intertek and Bureau Veritas third party for our buyers which is yearly conducted and reviewed by the third party. We keep improvising on where we are for worker’s benefit based on the suggestions given by them.

  1. Workers Safety
  2. Safety Guards
  3. Good Working Environment
  4. Social Accountability
  5. Production Security
  6. Fire Safety
  7. Environment friendly


Quality is intrinsic, as much it is extrinsic. Our initiatives are tuned to achieve standards of quality through an optimized management of resources and channelization of our capabilities to the fullest. Our products are made to high-quality standards with proper dimensional stability, color fastness, shrinkage control and uniform dyeing. Each product is subjected to strict quality control measures to ensure that only the best regarding quality and design reaches the market.

Our Quality Policy

The management of TANDI is committed to:

  • Providing quality garments to its esteemed customers, at economical prices and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Continually improving the quality of the products, hasten the delivery time and reduce the offer price, to meet the international quality standard, Improvise on skills, increase competency and have customer orientation.

Quality Measures are undertaken from the Yarn stage to its final fabric stage. At this point, we at Tandi, check 100% of our fabric at 4 point quality system. After which at the cutting stage fabric is re-checked on glass light tables. In stitching, we have three checkpoints with quality personnel randomly checking the goods on each line. It covers almost 20% of our entire quantity being quality checked. Then at the finishing stage, Initial, Mid & Final checking reports are maintained.

We have had long and loyal relationships with our customer and have secured Tier 1 position in their supplier matrix.

Green Initiatives

Management has been actively involved in the transformation of its operations in three ways:

The management of TANDI is committed to:

  1. Using Green energy
    • LED Electrical to save power
    • Gas generated power to reduce pollution
    • Solar power: We generate 1200KWH per month 70% of factory’s needs.
  2. Developing and selling Green products
    • Organic Fabrics
    • Recycled Polyster
  3. Employing Green processes in business operations
    • ETP plant for treating waste water before disposal
    • Running awareness programs for employees on saving natural resources